Having a guestbook at your wedding sounds pretty straightforward – pen, book, table, DONE. But if you give it an extra second of thought, you’ll realise there are so many fun and creative ways for guests to share their messages of love – and they don’t all come in book form.
If you want to do something a little less “by the book” (HA HA), then you need to first think about what you want to do with your guests’ messages post-wedding. Do you want them on display? Neatly filed away? Do you want messages, advice or just a sign your guests were there (like a quick signature)?
Once you’ve got a goal in mind then you can work out which idea will help you achieve it. After all, there’s not point in having a jar of marriage advice if you want something you can frame and hang in your home, right?
If you need to get the creative juices flowing, then keep scrolling. Here are some of my favourite ideas:

I love the idea of asking guests to circle their favourite verses in a book of love poems, like above. Although, I have to admit it’d be a little more sentimental if I actually read poetry. Another cute idea is a “tip” jar where guests can write their marriage advice on little tags.
If you read this blog (Hi Mum) you might’ve noticed I love a lot of colour. That’s why I never stood a chance against the super cute thumbprint tree above. It’s bright, easy and quick to do (which is handy if your friends are busy having fun). Plus, since it looks so lovely it can have pride of place in your living room. Make sure you get guests to sign their signature over their prints so you know whose thumb is whose.

If you want to put your wedding messages on display, then writing them on homewares, wine bottles or pebbles are a good way to go. I’m really crushing on these plates!

The amount of silly pics you would find in a polaroid guestbook would only be equal to the amount slurring recorded by an audio version. And frankly, that makes it more tempting because I could definitely picture myself guffawing and howling with laughter the next day at everyone’s antics. Fun times!

I know my inner child is well and truly kicking because I LOVE games. So having my guests write messages on Jenga blocks or puzzle pieces would definitely bring a smile to my dial. Plus, they are easy to write on – bonus points!

It requires a little more effort but I’m loving the new trend for having “wedding libs” like the one by1313Designs above. I think the responses would be equal parts funny, soppy, cheeky and cute.  What do you think?
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