Escaping Winter with a destination wedding?

Aaaah July. Winter in Australia. While most corners of the country stay fairly temperate, seeing your Instagram feed flooded with photos of European sojourns would send even those who love the cooler weather into a spiral of jealousy. 

So, when the invite comes to attend a wedding overseas in the middle of the year, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? Even more so when you’re asked to be part of the Bride Tribe and take on Bridesmaid duty… Yes and yes! Frock up while the weather warms up? Sign me up! 

Below are a few of our tried and tested tips for getting both you and your dress safe and soundly to your destination wedding: 

Choose wisely! It’s easy when you’re at home to forget that conditions overseas might be different than you’re expecting. Off to somewhere tropical? Beware of humidity! It won’t just frizz your hair! Steer clear of anything too tight or fabrics like silks and satins. Instead, go for a lighter fabric possibly with loose layers and some extra room to move! Beach wedding? Don’t go for anything too long so it doesn’t drape through the sand. You’re also more likely to be wearing flat shoes or wedges on the sand. 

Sort out the fit and feel before you go: You may not have easy access to a qualified and reputable seamstress when you reach your destination, so sort out any amendments before you leave. And plus, this will be one less thing to have to worry about when you could be sipping mojitos under a palm tree somewhere! 

Carry it on or check it in? Really this is dependent on size and personal preference. Most bridesmaids dresses are fine to get checked in (without being considered excess or oversize baggage) provided they are safely packed and protected in a quality garment bag (see below!)

Getting it there safely: A good garment bag is worth it’s weight in gold! Weddings are expensive, but don’t scrimp on a cheap bag. It’s always a good idea to get something which breathes well, preferably waterproof, and the right size for your dress so as not to have to face extra folds or scrunching! 

And don’t forget to unpack and dry clean when you get back to dreary old Winter back home. While it will probably be the last thing you feel like once the post-holiday blues set in, your future self will thank you if you’re hoping to wear it again! 


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