Back in the days of yore, wearing black to a wedding would be considered shocking, if not downright scandalous. But luckily for us, the times have changed! Now that we’ve discovered that black is always a chic choice, they’ve become a classic sighting at weddings. And not just for the guests.
Black bridesmaids dresses have been a hot trend of late. Why? Because black looks good on everyone and adds a dose of simple refined, elegance to any look. Better yet, they look stunning contrasting with the bride’s wedding dress, don’t you think?

From the left, our Meryl bridesmaid dress and Brenda bridesmaid dress, both in black.
Black Bridesmaid Dresses – Oh so Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Whether you want a high-glamour gown or a gorgeous cocktail dress, a black bridesmaid dress always looks stylish, never dates and can be worn again (which is a major bonus). But if you doubt black’s chic status, then just look at Audrey Hepburn. She was the queen of sophisticated style.

I think black bridesmaids dresses are perfect for channelling a little Breakfast at Tiffany’s because they captured that refined simple chic New Yorkers are famous for. Here’s the proof:

Dresses we heart (in order): Penny, Charis and Vienna.
I have to say I really, really love each of these dresses but they all tickle my fancy for their own reasons:
For the Penny, I love the flattering cut and the folded skirt. It’s simple but interesting. I have to say the baby blue pumps are pretty cute too.
For the Charis, I love the little belt. It’s a sweet and ladylike design.
For the Vienna, well, who doesn’t appreciate a sweetheart neckline? Plus I love the folds on the bodice, which add a little simple detail. Totally effortless chic, am I right?

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