What is the first thought that crosses your mind when you hear “marble”? Do you think of kids’ games? Cake? Ripped Grecian statues?
Want to know the first words that pop into my mind? “That’s one beautiful detail to add to your wedding!”
I love the marbled effect and that’s why I’m so excited we have these breathtaking Amsale gowns arriving at the end of August. They are just ridiculously beautiful.

I could just lust over these patterned bridesmaid dresses for hours. No really, time me.
I imagine these dresses in a simple, understated wedding with a very soft palette. There would be just a few details that tie the look together – like marbled tabled settings or invitations. How do you picture them?
P.S. Don’t forget you can admire our dresses first hand at our Sydney studio. Just click here to book an appointment for you and your maids – enjoy your own bridesmaids suite and dedicated consultant.
If you want some more marble inspiration, then check out my board below:

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