The latest wedding trend is all about cutting loose and indulging your inner child…

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In Australia, we might work hard (and play hard) but when push comes to shove, we’re a pretty easygoing bunch. That’s why one of the major wedding trends – the fun factor – suits us so darn well. It’s all about loosening up and bypassing the more formal traditions for a casual but stylish affair.
A wedding should reflect who you both are as a couple and if high-octane glamour isn’t your thing, then don’t be scared to ditch the formality for a more fancy-free party. To get you started, here a few ways to put the “fun” in function*:
Skip the platted dinners for food trucks. If you’ve spied some of the new food trucks driving around Australian cities, you know they can look as good as their food is delicious. With a food truck, everyone can get up and grab a bite when they feel like it without having to interrupt great conversations for the next course.
Enjoy fun food stations.  Another way to skip the three-course seated dinner is to opt for food bars. Before you start rehashing your buffet nightmares, these don’t need to be your average meat-and-salad affair. Instead, get creative: want a station dedicated to every kind of mash potato or to popcorn and candy apples? Do it!
Even if you sit down for your mains, you can still opt for a dessert bar. While having a smorgasbord of mini delights is a bonus in itself (yum!), you can also choose your sweets to compliment your colour theme. Going for pastel and champagne tones? You can’t go past meringues and panacotta. Plus, this way you can include all your favourite treats (I’m voting for crème brulee and marshmallows). Who’s feeling hungry, now?
Let everyone DJ. Skip the wedding singer and ask friends to do 30-minute DJ sets. If they’re organized they can create their own 30-minute wedding playlist ahead of time and just hit play on their iPod or just choose their own songs as they go.
Get interactive. You’ve got the dance floor, but that doesn’t mean you can cross “entertainment” off your list just yet. Have you considered adding a little carnival-esque fun with a tarot reader or a spoken poet who can wax lyrical about your big day? Well, maybe you should!
Let your bridesmaids decide how they want to style their dresses. We don’t want to boast but one of our favourite bridesmaids dresses, the Carly is highly flattering because it can be worn in so many ways. Let your friends decide what style works best for them so they can feel confident leading you down the wedding aisle.
Do you prefer weddings that are more casual or formal?
* I’m patting myself on the back for that cheesy line.

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