When I was a little girl, I always wanted a pair of lovebirds. There was just something so romantic about the name and I was a dreamy kind of kid. Plus, when something has such a sweet title, a budgie just won’t cut it.
Even now I think still there’s something beautiful about them. Sure, I don’t want the responsibility of looking after a pair anymore (lovebirds aren’t just for Christmas, people) but I LOVE seeing them recreated in design. And judging by the amount of weddings inspired by our feathered friends, a lot of people agree with me. In fact, it’s safe to say it’s one of the major trends taking over the bridal scene.
But there’s more romance to this trend, than meets the eye. In Chinese culture, birds carry a lot of symbolism in reference to life and love, and I like to think their presence can add an extra blessing to the big day. Did you know Mandarin Ducks symbolize marital bliss and fidelity – which is why their symbol is often used at weddings – while a pair of cranes represent a long marriage? It’s a beautiful idea.
To give you a few ideas on how to add lovebirds to your wedding, here are some of the designs that are inspiring us:

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