5 Things a Mother of the Bride Should Never Do

Even though it’s all out of the goodness of their hearts, the mother of the bride can get a little too involved with the wedding. And although a bride will have a number of jobs during the planning process, there are our five things a mother should probably leave for the happy couple to decide themselves!

Laura and Daniel’s Wedding

Never, Ever be Late!
Believe it or not, there comes a time when a mother shows up once the engagement party ends. We understand a woman should always look her best, but take into consideration what is expected of you by your daughter/son during their special event. The bride already has bridesmaids and vendors to keep track of – she’s counting on you to be one less person to worry about.
Don’t Invite Guests Without Asking Permission
If you didn’t help plan the wedding, don’t try to change any details on the big day – especially the guest list. Your daughter/son has a perfect idea of who they want or don’t want at their wedding, why change that? Is there a strict schedule? Follow it. Nothing goes past the commandant, we mean bride!
Be the ‘Mother’, Not the Kid
Never forget that you’re a parent, not a friend sitting at table 21. Behave like an adult and resist the urge to plunge into three bottles of wine before the speeches have begun – don’t flirt with the staff too. Nothing screams ‘drama’ more than embarrassing the bride on her wedding night. We hear a photographer will be at the event, so don’t bother trying to steal the show. It’s fine to celebrate, but remember that everybody has video on their cameras now.
Don’t Trash the Groom
Regardless of how you feel about your daughter’s fiancee, don’t express displeasure with the groom or his family during their special day. Remember, you never know who can hear what you’re saying, so just be careful if your complaining to friends or the celebrant. At the end of the day, there are other guests who may repeat what they overhear you say.
Don’t Match the Bride
We hope this goes without saying – the bride will most likely have a few ideas about what you should wear, but even if she gives you free rein, you should always stay away from the white or ivory family. We get it, you’ll look gorgeous, but every guest will be talking about your fashion choice instead of the bride’s!

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