What to Do When Your Father Doesn’t Approve of Your Fiancé!

Every father is hesitant to let his cherished girl begin the next phase of her life. Especially when it involves being replaced by another man!

So, our question is, what if your parents, especially your father, disapprove of your partner? It might make you feel terrible or torn between the ones you love and your future man. Let us share our wisdom and give you some hints on how to mend that broken relationship!
1. Was he kept a secret?
When a boyfriend is kept hidden from your family for a certain amount of time, this could anger a few people.
Our recommendation is to never keep anything secret and always allow your parents to know the comings and goings of your life.
Unfortunately, someone will inevitably find out, which will make half of your world upset. Our question to you is, are you ashamed of him?
2. Never choose sides
This isn’t about winning and losing. It’s about reconstructing everyone’s idea of family.
When your father disapproves of your partner, never be biased. Sure, each person will have their reasons but when your thrown into the middle, it’s best to play mediator.
Always listen. Never fight a battle against your partner, let alone your father! It just won’t solve anything.
Communicate to the best of your ability and support either one with their opinion.
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3. Seek the connection
If your father can’t offer any specific reason why they don’t approve of your partner, then the situation gets a little tougher!
Try to find that connection between your partner and father by suggesting their favourite interests or hobbies. Yes, it’s trial and error, but it could go a long way to bringing your two men closer together.
Never unleash your partners secrets to your family. Judgment is highly frequented these days and will circulate to all types of family members.
4. Negotiate and compromise
Compromise, negotiate and understand the issue.
In life, when you turn down someone’s opinion or request, be clear that it doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. It just means that it doesn’t fit with your schedule or ideas.
Always be prepared, because the conversation will be difficult. Ask your father why he has an issue with your partner. Questions like ‘Does he feel that your partner is too controlling?’ or ‘Do they not like the way your partner talks to you?’
Sometimes you need to consider whether or not your partner’s behaviour is a warning sign.
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