Just because you’ve passed on a destination wedding, doesn’t mean some guests won’t be flying thousands of miles to see you walk up the aisle. But if they can’t make the journey, a new trend will have them there in spirit (and on camera)!
Call me
So your friends or family can’t make it but desperately want to be there? No worries, all you need are laptops (or iPads) and a Wi-Fi connection and they’re just one Skype video call away. Easy peasy.
I think this is a brilliant idea – if I do say so myself – because with video chat everyone can come and talk to your absent guests so they don’t feel left out. They can even take part if some friends are willing to twirl laptops around the dance floor. OK maybe it’s not quite the same thing, but that would definitely be a Kodak moment!
Make sure you ask someone to look after the computers so your virtual guests are in the right position to see the ceremony and reception. You don’t want them (and the laptops) forgotten at the altar!
Live on air
These days a lot of videographers offer a live-streaming service, so anyone with the right login details can go to their website and watch you say “I do”. It’s not as interactive as a Skype call but it’s a better option if a lot of people can’t make it to your big day. Otherwise you’re going to have to deal with multiple laptops and I think that’s just “too hard basket”.
But if your heart is set on a videographer who doesn’t offer live streaming, there are a lot of independent sites that are willing to work with whoever you choose. That said it’s generally cheaper and easier to pick someone who’ll do both tasks for you.

Things you need to consider:
• Will the video be only available in real time or will absent guests be able to watch it after the ceremony is over?
I’m willing to bet even the biggest romantic won’t get up to watch a wedding at 3AM without grumbling, so this is important if there’s a major time-zone difference.
• How many people can watch the live-stream at one time?
You don’t want the site to crash mid-wedding!
• Does your wedding venue have the tech to support live streaming?
Get a list of requirements from your service provider and double-check them with your venue.
• What other perks do the sites offer?
Some services have special add-ons like the ability to download the event to iPods and e-invitations to send to your virtual guests.
• How will your wedding look on screen?
Most streaming sites have demo videos so make sure to check them out.
Main image credit: Erick Pozos via Pinterest

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