If you’re stuck picking your colour theme, then why not take your focus off which shade you want and instead look at tones. Trust me, once you know how bright or muted you want to go, everything will get a lot easier!
But if you still can’t make up your mind, then let me give you my unsolicited opinion: a pastel palette has a lot going for it. Pastels are soft, delicate and romantic but they can also be fun and quirky or elegant and refined – it’s all down to how you work them. For example, would you match a bridesmaid’s dress with fun bright heels or with neutral ladylike pumps? The point is that they are versatile and really, really pretty.
To prove my point, I’ve created this inspiration board below, just click on the images to see them in full size.
I’ve also included a few of our gorgeous bridesmaids dresses that I would love to see as part of a perfect pastel wedding. In order, the Ruby dress in Suede Rose, the Tessa dress in Fresh and theKayla dress in Cloudy . Don’t they look amazing with this colour theme?

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