How to be a Fabulous Bridesmaid!

Maybe you’ve been a bridesmaid before, or, maybe you’re new to the game. Either way, these basic rules of being a great bridesmaid will help you understand your job description and keep the bride-to-be happy!

Keep an Open Mind!
Probably the most important thing that any bridesmaid should have is an open mind.
The hairstyle, the shoes or the dress that the bride has chosen for her entourage for her wedding theme. As long as it’s not something offensive or deprecating, go along with it and don’t complain!
Be Available!
Being a good bridesmaid starts with a ‘YES.’ It requires you to be emotionally and physically available for the bride-to-be as often as you can (within reason of course). And no, we aren’t suggesting you should drive to her house at 3am because she can’t sleep or just simply crying over floral choices.
However, it is important that you follow through with the requirements attached to your role as a bridesmaid. This means answering emails and texts, being enthusiastic about catching up for some ‘wedding planning’ and just being positive and supportive overall.
Remember, good bridesmaids don’t bail on rehearsal dinners or bridal showers!
Remember, There is a Leader!
Every successful team needs a clearly defined leader, and the bride chose this person or people to lead the way for all of you. So when you have ideas, send them to her first before e-mailing the whole group!
You’d be surprised at how quickly the drama ramps up and sides get taken when your well-meaning e-mail about the dresses you like goes to everyone, making it seem like you want to be in charge. Some people have the ‘get-it-done’ personalities, and they mean no harm.
But there’s a special dynamic in bridesmaid circles that requires the maid of honour be the person in charge. When you show respect for her title, she’ll show respect for your wishes!
Image via Real Weddings by Bridesmaids Only!

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