The Bridesmaids Only Guide to Kitchen Tea Style!

Unlike wedding invitations, kitchen tea invites don’t always make the dress code crystal clear. That can leave your friends and other guests wondering, “What in the heck do I wear!?” Well, we’re here to help. Allow us to give you these top tips on how to dress to impress at your next kitchen tea!
Steer Clear of White!
Obviously, you don’t want to upstage the bride on one of her special days, so definitely steer clear of white. Although black is acceptable when it’s a festive look, getting the style right can be tricky. And so, why not try this Leilani cocktail dress available in 32 colours? Rule number one, the cut and style have to always fit the occasion.

 Let the Invitation be your Guide!
If there isn’t a dress code, dress “up” rather than “down” and don’t be shy! Give everyone a reason to talk about you! And our best advice? Always think happy, stylish, celebratory and fun! You can’t go wrong when you bring your best outfit to the party. This classic midi dress can do wonders in the summertime.

Avoid Anything that’s “too” you know..
Your invited to a kitchen tea, not the gym. Avoid anything too short, too tight, too revealing or too over the top. A good guest is someone who would want all eyes on the bride for the right reasons and not on you for the wrong ones! This Petunia dress gives off all the right (and sexy) vibes. Did someone say a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme?

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