There is much shock value involved in the process of organising a wedding. Although we’re all warned that prices skyrocket once you mention the “W” word, there isn’t really anything to amply prepare you for the figures at the bottom of quotes. The cake is no exception.
“For a CAKE?”
Let’s face it, the cake is mainly a showpiece made for photos of you and your hubby cutting it. By the time it arrives at guests’ tables, most are already full or hitting the DF so it is left uneaten. What a waste!
Enter www.fakethecake.com.au. Yep, that’s right – you can buy a fake cake. The company’s creators Sara and Ben recommend ordering a yummy fresh slab cake from your local patisserie or cake shop and getting it iced in a similar way to your (fake) wedding cake. On the night, the reception staff will take the fake cake to the kitchen and present the guests with the slab cake – and they will be none the wiser (especially if they don’t eat it). The duo have covered all bases – they even pre-cut a small slot for you so you can still have the cake cutting ceremony.
Cakes range from $199 to $899 – a fraction of the cost of real wedding cakes. There are a range of designs to choose from and you can add your own fresh flowers to further personalise it. Plus, if it’s in great condition after your reception, they will buy it back from you.
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