Wedding favours are one of those little details that can be easily overlooked when planning a wedding, but a little detail goes a long way with your guests. The concept of giving your guests a gift to take home as a momento of your wedding has survived for four centuries, so there must be something to it. In 16th Century England, it was common to be given a lace or ribbon knot to represent the couple’s bond of love. Meanwhile, the French and Italians were giving their guests bonbonnieres – little trinket boxes containing five sugared almonds, representing the wedding wishes of fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity. The bride and groom were considered to be very lucky and by giving a gift, this luck would be passed on to the receiver. Today, couples are shifting away from tradition and getting creative. I would consider myself very lucky to receive any of the following favours!

How sweet is this? And honey lasts forever.

These jam favours are so homey. Perfect for a rustic themed wedding. Spread the love!

Practical and cute. A match made in heaven indeed!

Necessary for a winter wonderland – pashminas or blankets for guests to cuddle up in.

Love is brewing… Who doesn’t love tea?

Great for a destination wedding (tropical, of course)!

Limoncello… That is all.

Cheesecake. In a jar. Magic.

Super sweet. What a treat!

Milk and cookies… Extra points if they’re homemade!

Baileys, marshmallows, hot cocoa… And all in a jar.

Just don’t let it die – thinking of Kate Hudson’s ‘love fern’ in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

Macarons. Make the colour match the bouquets or the bridesmaids’ dresses!

Look to the cookie. Quite frankly, anything in a jar.

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