Our Top Tips for Keeping Your Bridesmaids Happy!

Lets face it; your bridesmaids will stand by you through it all – dress shopping, cake tasting, even the dreaded guest list. Of course, choosing your bridesmaids is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process, and asking your best friends to play an important part in your wedding celebration is nothing short of fabulous!
However, the road to happiness is always a little bumpy – and whether you like it or not, bridesmaids are going to be a tad dramatic before your special day. Our advice? Be an ultra-cool bride and follow our steps on how to make your bridesmaids love you (no matter what!)

Everyone Loves a Little Talk
Every bride has their own unique vision – just remember to ask your bridesmaids for their input! Always try to be open-minded to letting them wear styles that will fit their body types and schedule a day where they can try on different looks. Brides, trust us – your friends will look great if they feel great!
The Price on Their Heads
No matter what style wedding you have in mind, you should give a bit of consideration to how much it will cost each bridesmaid to be part of the wedding. Make a list of all the things that could be quite expensive on her part – travel, accommodation, hair, even makeup which are all essential, yet costly.
A Gift Here or There
It’s always a fabulous gesture to gift your bridesmaids with presents! Make sure you say thank you with a gift they’ll all appreciate. Dare we suggest Tiffany earrings? Maybe a daily spa treatment session? You could even provide small hangover kits after the wedding reception!
The Ladies Who Lunch
The people you ask to be in your bridal party are all special to you, but they might not all be special to one another. Organise a lunch filled with non-wedding talk which will hopefully get everyone feeling friendly and most importantly comfortable with one another. As the dashing bride, it’s your responsibility to encourage your girls to hang out and get along!
Wonder Women
Don’t be a bridezilla – take some pressure off yourself and your bridesmaids by enlisting friends and family who could help you during crunch time. Maybe your mother or aunt are super crafty and would actually love to package or decorate the boutonnieres. Always think about the little last-minute to-dos ahead of time before you lock your bridesmaids into helping you with every single task. No one likes to deal with a stressed-bride, so let everyone know in advance what you need to get done!
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