5 Things a Mother Should Never Say to a Bride

A bride and her mother have been through so much together; school reports, ballet classes, even the embarrassing boyfriend phase. With a relationship bonded by good memories, could it ever reach breaking point? Whether it’s a critical remark or selfish comment, some mothers of the bride apparently never heard the motto, ‘think before you speak’. Here are a few utterances that should never have been said aloud!

‘Are You Thinking About Having Kids?’
Not only is it nosy to ask about a couple’s sex life, you could also be bringing up an emotional subject if they’re having fertility issues! We know your mother will ask this question not to be mean, but just excited about the future ahead. Our tip? Don’t concern yourself with the bride’s baby plans – when you see her after the wedding, focus on the honeymoon and how she’s enjoying married life!
‘I’m Wearing White Too!’
There are so many dresses in all the colours of the world – and your mother’s best choice is only white? We don’t think placing a ‘reserved’ sign could make it more obvious, so unless she’s planning on standing by your side at the altar, she needs to return the dress and pick a tone more appropriate for the event.
‘What Time Does the Wedding Start?’
Oh heck no! Even after sending invitations, your mother might be a little clueless when it comes to numbers and dates. Questions like ‘What hotels are nearby?’, ‘What’s the venue’s address?’ and ‘What time does the ceremony begin?’. As a bride, you’ll definitely have things on your mind, and if a mother can’t remember your special day, try to answer the question without being abrupt. Learning to strategise a solution without feuding will create less stress!
‘When I Got Married..’
Brides experience many things during childhood – breakups, divorce, constant bickering – and that’s just from the parents! When the mother of the bride says, ‘When I was your age’ or ‘Marriage is hard sometimes’, try to play it by ear – ‘in’ with one and ‘out’ the other. Giving advice is fine when it’s actual, constructive advice, but assuming all marriages will be exactly like yours isn’t. Younger generations need to learn the benefits and consequences of a relationship themselves – after all, that’s life.
‘I Could Do a Much Better Job’
Is she serious? On your wedding day, mother’s will always have an opinion, not to mention a critical eye about your wedding planning. ‘The flowers look wilted, and your food needs more flavour’ is a perfect example of butting in too much. As we understand, the mother of the bride will have nerves and a little excitement about her daughters big day, but sometimes it will get the best of her. Our advice? Don’t let them get to you. Ignore her criticisms and focus on the many good things about your wedding!
Image via Action Wedding Blog

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