Baby on Board – When your bridal party has a plus one! 

Congratulations to your bridesmaid on the upcoming new arrival! While new babies are always exciting, deciding what to wear when one of the bridesmaids is pregnant can be a difficult thing to plan. 

Here are our top tips on finding the perfect fit with a baby on board:

Before setting out with your bride tribe to look for dresses, discuss whether pregnancy is a possibility. This will help direct your search, and save time, money, and stress closer to the day! 
It’s always a challenge to try and predict the size you’ll be at the time of the wedding. Opt for a style which is easily altered (chiffon is a great option!). Generally steer clear of highly fitted options, particularly around the waist. 
If you are up to about 4 months pregnant prior to the wedding, it may be as simple as going up 1-2 sizes than your regular size, depending on the style of the dress. After 4 months, many designers have maternity options specially designed around the bump. 
Opt for comfort! If you can, go for flat shoes, comfortable underwear and a breathable fabric. Try your dress on with these items to make sure all the pieces work collectively together. 
And remember, it’s always easier to take a dress in rather than out! If in doubt, go up a size!

Have a bridesmaid who has just given birth prior to the wedding or is still breastfeeding?

Many of the same principles apply… the dress choice should be all about comfort and ease, particularly if she will need to breastfeed or express through the day.

Wrap dresses can be a great option as they can often be tied in a halter style for more support, while easily to untie and re-tie as needed. Strapless dresses provide less support and can be hard to size up prior to the wedding so halter and v-neck dresses tend to be a more popular option. 

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