If you’ve ever itched to give one of your friends a makeover, getting married is the perfect time. Sure there are far bigger reasons to walk down the aisle – true love, vow of commitment yada yada – but that doesn’t mean you should miss the opportunity play with your bridesmaids’ hair and makeup, right? Right? OK I’m just going to assume your answer is “yes!”
But with great power comes great responsibility. And trust me, if your maids look like poodles on your big day (and those photos reach Facebook) then you will owe them big time. In short, you want them looking hot, hot, HOT. But that isn’t as easy as it sounds – not because they aren’t stunners – but unless they’re clones, their hair and faces are going to be totally different and will suit different styles.
So if you need a few ideas on how to choose the right look, I have a few tips up my sleeve:
Talk to your bridesmaids. Before you get started, it’s wise to have a little pow-wow first about your maids’ hair. They’ve spent their whole life taming their locks so they know what does and doesn’t work for them, if their hair is too fine for some styles or if it refuses to hold a curl. And that’s the kind of thing you (and your hairstylist) want to know before the big day. Don’t forget, if their hair is too short or thin for a certain ‘do then your stylist can always add some hair extensions.
Stick with the theme. If your wedding is inspired by a specific time or look, then you should keep everything in sync, right down to your bridesmaids’ dresses and hair. This can really work in your favour if your bridesmaids have very different haircuts. Since they won’t be able to rock the same style, a strong theme will keep them looking unified. For example, a ‘20s-themed bob might work for one maid while another might wear an ‘updo with a finger wave. Either way, you will all look like you’ve stepped off the set of The Great Gatsby.
Don’t forget hair accessories. If your bridesmaids need to wear different hairstyles, a beautiful hairpiece is another way to tie their looks together. I personally love these pieces from our collection for an elegant ‘do. The rose would be perfect for a vintage style.
The Rose and the Marquis Crystal Comb.
If you want them to have different ‘dos at the back, then think about having the front of their hair styled the same way –  even just having a few loose hair strands around their face will have them looking more connected.
Get one of your bridesmaids to do a hair trial. You don’t have to drag everyone to a test run, but it’s a smart idea to at least see what your stylist plans to do with their tresses – you don’t want a shock on the big day.
It’s important to make sure your chosen styles work with your bridesmaids face shapes, too much volume or length could have them looking too angular or round. My advice is to go for the sleek ‘updo because there are so many options for styling that it can easily be adjusted to work with what your bridemaids’ gorgeous faces.
Here are some of my favourite looks right now:

Image credit: Hair and Makeup By Steph, The Shiny Squirrel, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty.
Main image credit: Style Me Pretty.
The gorgeous headband above is also available from our collection: The Poppy Headband. Isn’t it beautiful?

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