We’re among friends here, so I’m going to be honest: I think favours can be a total waste, considering most of them will end up in the trash or unappreciated (or both). That said, I love them when they’re actually useful – who doesn’t love a free jar of something? – which is why I’m crushing on the potted favour trend. Herbs or plants look gorgeous, smell great and will actually be enjoyed. If I was given one at a wedding, I know I’d do a little happy dance for sure.
Here are some of the potted favours we’re loving at Bridesmaids Only:

Image credit: NorthThreads
Herbs are awesome because they’re something you always need but often don’t have on hand. Now, life has just become a lot easier. Winning!

Image credit: Papertree
OK this isn’t a real plant, it’s made from paper. But it’s BEAUTIFUL. It’s the kind of object guests can happily show off in their home (or re-gift).

Image credit: Alders Photography via StyleMePretty
It’s hard to kill succulents. I know because I’m a black thumb and no plant survives under my care except these sturdy babies. And that why they’re the perfect favour, they’re so easy to look after. In other words, you’re not lumping guests with a high-maintenance burden (cough *bonsai* cough). So not only do they look cute, they’re a considerate gift too. Oh, and how sweet is the little tag?
Image credit: Karen Wise Photography via StyleMePretty
This is a little different interpretation of “potted” but I couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful pic. Honey and jams are great gifts because you know they’ll be used. Plus, honey never expires.

Featured image credit: Green Photographic via Loveluxe
And here’s one more succulent image for the road. The more I look at this pic, the more I love the bright colours.

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