The miserable weather is making everything look grey and dull, and the dreary atmosphere has me craving some colour. Lucky for me, the playful and gorgeous wedding ideas on my inspiration board below are just the pop of rainbow I need. In fact, they’re downright refreshing!
But enjoying some colour therapy isn’t the only reason I’ve put this board together: I’m hoping to inspire you to have some fun with your theme!
When you’re planning the big day, it can be easily to try and reign in your theme to a two-colour palette. After all, it sounds more simple and refined and less of a headache to plan if you only have two options. But these images are proof that a multicolour wedding can look just as sophisticated – and a lot more playful. The easiest way to nail the look is to pick a palette of five or so colours (instead of the standard two) with a similar tone or intensity, whether its pastel, bright or even fluro. Either way, it will keep the look tied together without losing the fun factor.
If you want to inject a little multicolour cheer into your bridesmaids’ gowns, I think the Natashadress (below) in the playful Dottie print is absolutely perfect. That said, I think a rainbow of different Bridesmaids’ dresses can look breathtakingly gorgeous too. Who said you had to stick to one hue?!
So without further ado, here are 15 reasons why you should have a rainbow-inspired wedding! Click on the images to see them in full (and their credits).

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