Ribbons are the DIY-lover’s dream because they’re affordable, versatile and just damn pretty. Sure, describing them as “affordable” sounds about romantic as a hessian sack (i.e. not), but don’t let my thrifty picture put you off. Ribbons can make an event go from “meh” to absolutely breathtaking. Trust me, or at least trust these images.
I’m the first to admit that until I came across these gorgeous pics, I’d never really appreciated the full decorative potential of ribbons. OK I got that the whole point of them was to be decorative, but I never really imagined them beyond the scope of hats, hair and gift-wrapping. Now that’s all changed, and it’s safe to say they’re my new favourite way to add a burst of colour to the big day.
If you want to know what I’m going on about, just check out the styling below. I’m seriously crushing on the ribbons-are-the-new-streamers approach to decorating, I love how neat ‘n’ sleek or chaotically gorgeous they can look.

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I’m not a fan of the generic white fabric-covered chairs with the big-as ribbons on the seat. That’s why these seats are a breath a fresh air. They’re fun, vibrant and elegant – a rare combination.

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Whether you’re having a casual beach wedding or a chic and elegant event, the right ribbons can tie your look together. No, really. I think any of the styles below would have a completely different vibe depending on the fabric choice.

By the way, I’d love to see this cake at a retro country wedding.
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What do you think about ribbons as a backdrop? Here are two very similar dessert bars – they even have the same “Love is sweet” idea – but they have a totally different feel thanks to the colour choice. Sigh, I really love dessert bars.

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Forget having confetti thrown in your hair, your guests can send you off with a cheer and the wave of a ribbon shaker.
I’d love to end this post with a ribbon pun, but I couldn’t think of any (and neither could Google). So let’s just let the images speak for themselves, shall we? Ribbons are awesome. End of argument.

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