Netflix & Chill

If you’re anything like me, this weather’s got us feeling all ‘Netflix & Chill’. In the midst of even the most mild Winter, there’s nothing better than having a pyjama day. Ugg boots, blankie, hot chocolate and pooch at the ready to curl up for a few hours of uninterrupted screen time. 

Check out our best bridesmaid-themed viewing… and yes, this totally counts as wedding research. Relaxing? Tick. Productive? Tick. 

Bridesmaids: Ok, ok totally obvious. But if you can’t laugh at someone taking a dump crossing the street in a wedding dress then when can you? And we dare you not to have ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips stuck in your head for the rest of the afternoon. 

The Wedding Singer: Even if you’re not a fan of the plot (or a guy in his 30’s still living in his parent’s basement) this is totally worth watching, even if only for the killer 80’s soundtrack. And rapping grannie. 

My Best Friend’s Wedding: Julia Roberts in her heyday. Rupert Everett. Cameron Diaz. The guy who played the groom who nobody can remember. If nothing else, this movie just is a classic reminder that we can’t all be perfect at everything… cue Cameron Diaz doing a terrible karaoke routine. Make a note for the Hen’s Night ladies. 

Muriel’s Wedding: Our favourite Aussie wedding flick. Actually, just one of our favourite Aussie flicks all round. Safe to say Porpoise Spit has had its fair share of wedding drama but who can go past the orange frocks and high fringes of the early 1990’s? … It’s Mariel. 

Four Weddings and a Funeral: Because we just couldn’t have a list of rom-coms without Hugh Grant. And a funeral thrown in for good measure. 

Kick back, pop your feet up and chillax. 

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