All White is All Right!

I still remember my mum’s reaction when I told her I wanted an all white bridal party. “Don’t do that! They won’t know who the bride is!” she said, horrified.Oh the times have changed! (even though I got married only 4 years ago). No longer is white reserved for the bride, but brides are opting to dress their maids in fashionable white and avoid any fashion regret. Here are some of our favourite reasons why we love an all white bridal party!
White won’t go out of style
Let’s face it. No matter how many years down the track, if you pull out your wedding photos to show family members, you don’t want to cringe at your fashion decisions at the time. An all white bridal party looks, fresh, put together and refined.

White dresses are versatile
Whether you choose to get married on a beach or a country homestead, a bridal party wearing all white will compliment any venue and you know what they say… “You can always wear it again!”Simplicity is keyMake sure the bride stands out! Pick bridesmaids gowns that are much simpler than the bride’s, or incorporate different textures and fabrics to the bridal gown to really stand out. For chic, contemporary white dresses, you can’t go past the  . Here at BMO, we love the One Fell Swoop range.

And, don’t worry that white will look too plain or ‘washed out’ in the photos… you can always jazz up their accessories and flowers. Beautiful!

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