5 Lessons Sex and the City Taught Us About Life

Television shows also teach us a thing or two.. but Sex and the City gave us some long life advice.

We can relate to the lives of such characters as Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha because most of us have been there!
Here are some crucial lessons the show’s 6 seasons taught us about relationships, fashion and the power of friendship!
1. Dating is really hard
Charlotte is definitely on point!
When it comes to dating, it can take a long time to find the right guy. Our advice is to take your time, and believe he is truly out there! In the meantime, have some fun with the girls!
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2. It’s okay to put yourself first!
Samantha – the wise – is extremely comfortable with putting herself out there. As long as she puts herself first!
In life, the only way to be happy is to prioritise your needs above someone else’s. It’s not a bad thing!
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3. They’re just not that into you..
Girls, be fair. A guy just isn’t all that into you!
Miranda learnt the hard way but accepted it. Fairies, can you do the same?
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4. Heartbreak happens
Yes, it happens.
Break ups are terrible and Carrie has had her fair share in trauma. But life does go on!
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5. Sometimes, you need to let people in!
Our favourite red head surely knows how to keep things to herself. The bad thing? Repressing your emotions can block out the positive aspects (and people) in life.
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